Definitions - Useful Information

Typically a series of recurring fine art or craft instruction sessions focused on the interests of the age group of the participants. Classes available for kids, teens and adults.

Community Events
Community-wide event or party to mark a special occasion.

A vocal and/or musical presentation by solo artists, groups, or orchestras.

A display in a Gallery of the creative output by an artist or crafter.

Jam Session
All musicians are welcome, regardless of skill level.

Musical Arts
Instruction in musical arts comprising lessons on instruments, voice, performance or stagecraft.

Cast or group gathering to rehearse a theatrical or musical performance. Rehearsals are not open to the public.

Special Event
Events concerning a quality-of-life issue of interest to the community at large.

Presentation of monologues by solo entertainers or full-blown theatrical performances by theater ensembles.

Workshops differ from classes primarily in terms of duration. A workshop will be offered on a special topic of interest and move to completion in one or two sessions.